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The GreenGasGrids project supports the upgrading of biogas to biomethane for injection into the natural gas grid. Biomethane can be used in the same efficient and versatile manner as natural gas: for transportation, heat and electricity.

So far its full potential cannot be unfolded - above all due to a lack of cooperation between the involved stakeholders as well as cross-border trade barriers.

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What's NEW?

Presentations of the European workshop on biomethane – markets, value chains and applications can now be found in the Download-Section

European Biomethane Roadmap on unique possibilities offered by
biomethane and key conditions for dynamic growth of this industry.
Available now - Downloads

New papers on sustainability criteria, EU Green Gas Certification Schemes and National Targets are available now - Downloads

Cooperation of biogas registries started - read more

Results of national Biomethane Info Days in partner countries - read more

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